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          I have always loved studying and experimenting with different styles of art.  I am always trying to explore new ways to express my subjects.  I enjoy painting with raw emotion and spontaneity.   I generally use bold, vibrant colors of oil, acrylic or pastels.  Often I employ the use of brush, palette knife and tube application which creates expressive texture.  The result is a unique painting style bordering between Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism.  And while I work from real subjects and photographs, my paintings often convey a fantasy or dreamlike quality.  I hope that the creative passion expressed in my paintings will bring joy and inspiration to others.

About the Artist

For information on purchasing art work or prints please contact Kerry through email or phone with your requests.

         Much of my work resides in permanent, private or corporate collections including The Kids Corral (The Toby Keith Foundation), Sandridge Energy and The Harn Homestead.

   Past Gallery showings include:  The Oklahoma City ZooGift Shop

                                               50 Penn Gallery, Oklahoma City

                                               Liz Lundon Gallery, Dallas, TX

                                               Our Favorite Place Gallery, Eufala, OK

© Kerry Billington Fine Art, LLC

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